The Workshops

We run monthly workshops that meet you where you're at. Don't have a story written down? Or basically just putting on final tweaks? All are welcome and encouraged. If you're just starting out, here's a few tips to get you started.

The Basics

1) Write it Out then Cut, Cut, Cut:


2)  Convey an Emotion

- You don’t have Michael Bay’s budget, so don’t tell stories like him
-----Plot is good, but stories are about people
- Find your Frame
-----Sometimes you need to find a plot to go with your major take away

3) You Have to Care:

- Take 3 Minutes and write down something you are passionate about and why you care
- Share that with your partner and discuss
- Recognize that feeling, look for it when writing/telling stories

Cheat Codes

1) Hide the Ending:

  • Start with Action, then flashback

  • Chronological telling can work, but it can also take a long time

2) Find the Moment, Then Slow Down Time

  • Most stories are really about one moment

    • If you don’t have this moment, look for one!

  • You can control time

    • Write long, speak slowly, carry a big impact

3) Repetition & Other Literary Techniques

  • Trying to connect multiple different stories/concepts?

  • Repeating phrases in each story can connect them in peoples minds



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