Stories We Don’t Tell is a live storytelling event held in living rooms across Toronto. For five years, hosts have warmly welcomed us and our audiences into their home where a lineup of performers share personal stories about their lives. Some stories are sad, or a little weird, or intimate, and others funny.

This anthology includes 61 stories that were all told in front of a live audience at one of our shows. The authors of these stories have generously contributed these pieces of their lives to be included in this book.

Each story created a memorable moment in front of a roomful of people. Moving through this anthology is an experience where these many moments complement and reflect each other, contradict and draw parallels, have profound wisdom and absurdity. Welcome to the Stories We Don’t Tell.


We made a book! This gallery is from the official book launch that happened on October 17, 2019. Thank you to all the contributors to the book, all our storytellers, everyone that made this night a huge success, and of course the audience. Photographs by Tyler Blacquiere.


On this one-off episode, Stefan tricks Paul into talking about sports. More importantly, they wanted to introduce the book. September 2019 is the fifth anniversary of the Stories We Don’t Tell and to mark this occasion, they put together a book of 61 stories that have been performed at the event over the years. In addition to sports, Paul and Stefan go through the process of working with all the contributors, designing the book, and what it took to pull it all together.


To mark our fifth anniversary, we decided to take a look back and publish a book that included stories that were performed at the event. We settled on sixty-one stories and set off to put it all together. The clock was ticking, and in order to accomplish this for our fifth anniversary, we had to produce the book in four months. That’s a pretty tight turnaround time. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the process we went through to make it happen.