Episode 82: Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks

Podcast mini-series alert! For the next few episodes, we'll be featuring interviews with Stories We Don't Tell performers and be talking about how they use storytelling in other ways.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, from the start Peggy Sue has found deep peace within knowing that nature is stronger, more profound, and honest in its incredible existence than anything man-made. She received her training in Providence, Rhode Island from the Rhode Island School of Design where she completed her BFA in Apparel Design. 

The start of her career was in New York City, where she worked for companies that were mavericks in the field of production and supply chain building. With the Peggy Sue Collection, her intention is to put forth honest, thoughtful and well-considered workmanship that not only strives for excellence in form and function, but attempts to slowly improve the quality of the social and global environment that it relies so heavily upon. Can fashion be a force for good?

Co-host Stefan talks with Peggy Sue about her career and how she uses storytelling in fashion. To learn more about the Peggy Sue Collection, visit peggysuecollection.com. Stay tuned after the interview for a story from Peggy Sue that she performed at a recent Stories We Don't Tell.

For listeners of this podcast, The Peggy Sue Collection is offering 15% off all orders through their online store. Visit peggysuecollection.com/shop/ or click on the banner below. Make sure to use the promo code #SWDTCONFUSED at checkout.