Presentation and Expectations

This is a transcript of the Stories We Don’t Tell Podcast, Episode 93: Presentation and Expectations.

This is the last episode in this Five-in-Five Series. So what are we talking about in this episode? We’re talking about presentation and audience expectations. An episode where we talk about how an audience might experience your story.

And I feel like you and I are going to maybe have some disagreements on this. Previously, we've discussed our opinions about what makes a good story and how to tell a story.

Click on the image to listen to the podcast.

Click on the image to listen to the podcast.

We’ve been telling stories in front of our particular audience for a number of years, we understand them, who they are and how to tell them stories. A challenge to me in the past is sometimes I've gone to try other events and see if I can I do this with a different kind of audience.

People come to their own voice in their own way. The challenge for this week is to step out a little bit beyond your comfort zone and pick a style from someone else that you like. A storyteller or comedian who has a particular type of tone or a way of telling a story. You don’t necessarily have to perform it in this style, but maybe practice it at home or imagine yourself performing it in this way.

If you are normally writing the stories that are quiet, maybe challenge yourself to perform in a loud boisterous voice. Maybe you’re used to being big and loud? Dial it back and tell an intimate story. Challenge yourself to change your voice or think of different types of audiences. It might not feel totally comfortable, but you will most certainly learn something in the attempt.

Thanks everyone. This has been wonderful.