The Law of Threes

This blog has been transcribed from the Stories We Don’t Tell Podcast Episode 73. Listen to that episode at this LINK or click on the image below.

Cast of Characters:
Stefan Hostetter (SH): co-founder of Stories We Don’t Tell and podcast co-host.
Paul Dore (PD): co-founder of Stories We Don’t Tell and podcast co-host.

SH: Today we're talking about sequels. And no we're not going to be talking about The Godfather Part 3 again. But curiously enough this would be the third time that it was mentioned on this podcast. Should we go there or not go there?

PD: I love the Godfather Part 3. That has been a stance that I've always had and have made my point on this show multiple times about how much I love The Godfather Part 3. You have refused to see The Godfather Part 3 and I find that offensive.

SH: I don't have three hours or so.

PD: This is important in that Godfather 3 points out it can be sometimes difficult to follow up on a story. Especially if the first story had a particular type of vibe. In this instance I set out to actually write a sequel in theme.

SH: The first one you did was basically like three little stories and they're very loosely connected but you found the thread to connect them all.

PD: It made sense to me and then I sort of built from there an explanation as to why they were all connected in the first place. What we’re going to hear is actually three short stories. In all three, it’s really about how people were interacting with me. I don't know if this is kind of what happens to you but what happens to me sometimes is you have an idea and you think, that's kind of an interesting idea. Maybe it's not fully fleshed out or anything so you put that in your idea bag.

SH: I love my idea bag. All my bags are idea bags.

PD: And if I get another idea and then if I never think of that idea again and it just disappears into the bad idea bag.

SH: Right. You might write it down somewhere and then it just sits there and you don't ever think about it again. Never hits you again or anything.

PD: The exciting part in all of this is that another idea happens and then all of a sudden you see how it connects to that thing that was still in your good idea bag.

SH: It's much more of a sequel of spirit and of structure. I hope there are more. If only you can hit the heights like Godfather 3 did. You could really be proud of yourself.

PD: I also really enjoy the idea of having just inside jokes that nobody really understands. And they're literally just for sometimes maybe even just me and another person. I like the idea of it being a sequel, and how most people in the audience don’t know that it is one. And it doesn’t matter. But if someone gets the inside joke, even one person, that’s my favourite thing.

SH: And I think that actually is a way of creating quiet nods to different experiences and build a deeper connection to the audience.

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