Toronto has an absolutely amazing and incredibly diverse storytelling scene, and in celebration of this we're throwing it a party! This evening will feature stories from some of the city’s favourite tellers, followed by a chance to share a drink, a laugh and good cheer. We're doing something slightly different this year, showcasing the broad range of storytelling in the city.

Join us for an evening that will take you anywhere from the wind-swept plains of a futuristic dystopia to the fantastical worlds of folk tales with a stop along the way in your favourite diner. The Fête celebrates the long history of how stories have been told for a night you won’t forget.

It's PWYC & Doors at 6:30 pm, stories start at 7:30.

Storytellers for the Evening:

Renira Narrandes
Renira Narrandes is a South African-Canadian who was born to tell stories. She works in knowledge translation at an academic hospital by day and writes poetry by night. Renira will be performing at Stories of Ours on March 22 and you can follow her on Instagram @words_by_renira.

Arlene Paculan
Arlene is an award-winning Filipino-Canadian from Mississauga. Since 2010, she has toured across Canada, the UK, Europe and the United States. Throughout her career, she has consistently campaigned the idea of a positive self image using the titles of her original songs, ‘I’m Worth It’ and ‘Shine So Bright’. Her story of transforming from an introverted, shy individual to hosting her own TV show supports her belief that we all have a voice that can be expressed through art. Visit her website and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Sashoya Simpson
Sashoya Simpson is a cloud fairy surrounded by magic, fantasy and fables. Coming soon, she'll be launching her 30-Days of Storytelling Project as part of her storytelling guild, The Walking Griot. Follow her on Instagram @SashoyaSimpson.

Jenna Tenn-Yuk
Jenna Tenn-Yuk is a writer, speaker, facilitator and writing coach at Firefly Creative Writing. She has spoken nationally at the Walrus Talks, TEDx, Parliament Hill and numerous conferences, engaging audiences through personal storytelling and spoken word. She believes in the power of storytelling to break silences, connect people and change the world around us. Find out more about Firefly Creative Writing workshops at and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @jennatennyuk.

Dan Yashinsky
Dan Yashinsky is a storyteller and the writer of Swimming with Chaucer - A Storyteller's Logbook. He founded the Toronto Storytelling Festival in l979. Born in Detroit, he lived in Santa Barbara before moving to Toronto in l972. He's never been tempted to move back.  His public cursing of Donald Trump hasn't gone viral yet, but will probably be instrumental in forcing his early exit from office.

More to come!

Coproduced by the 2018 Toronto Storytelling Festival and the Stories We Don't Tell.