Episode 60: If I Only Knew Your Name

In this final mini series of interviews, we go for something different. Singer/songwriter Arlene Paculan has performed at Stories We Don’t Tell and been a friend of the event since the beginning. Paul goes on location with Arlene, talking with her about storytelling through music. We included the song Arlene played at Stories We Don’t Tell, and if you like it (and we know you will), check out more of Arlene’s music at her WEBSITE.

Episode 57: Stefan Returns!

Stefan returns! He talks with Paul about what will be happening on the next few episodes. We’ll be bringing in storytellers who have participated in the Stories We Don’t Tell live event and interviewing them about their process. To get the ball rolling, Steven and Peter interview each other and share a story.

Episode 48: Let Freedom Reign

Stefan & Paul discuss what’s been happening since the podcast has been off the air, reflect on two years of the live event and how much they miss Brianne. Speaking of Brianne, she shares a story about recent changes in her life from the Stories We Don’t Tell two year anniversary extravaganza.